Sending Letters!


Arianell has lots of ideas to write in a letter…


…Eugenia is writing as fast as she can!




Constance offered to drop the letters off at the mailbox…




…but a month’s rainfall in one day  made getting to the mailbox a bigger job than she anticipated!!




10 thoughts on “Sending Letters!

  1. Oh, my goodness, you are so brave Constance! Arianell and Eugenia worked so hard on their letter writing and the recipients of the letters will be so pleased when they arrive though, so I am sure they will all be very grateful. I hope you were rewarded with cake and hot chocolate when you returned home!

  2. Constance is such an intrepid Hitty!! no rain is going to stop her from her self appointed rounds! how fun that Arianell is so full of ideas. The Country Hittys have been compiling some ideas for letters of their own! Love ALL the photos!

    • Through rain, snow, sleet and hail….and puddles and wind and torrential downpours! So far Constance is enjoying the variety of weather on her daily walk, though today involved more upper body exercise than she was expecting!

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