A Letter


Arianell had some adventures in the Comox valley…




…her favourite things were riding in the basket…




…and visiting the indoor forest.




Arianell can’t spell very well yet, so Eugenia is going to write it all down to tell their pen pals!

8 thoughts on “A Letter

  1. Seriously…barbeque flowers and now an indoor forest? Simply other worldly fabulous. I’m sure Constance, Eugenia and Arianell are having so much fun with Linnea, Dulcie, Hatty and the adorable birthday princess. What a wonderful sleepover adventure they are all having. So sweet…love it all.

  2. How very nice of Eugenia to write down the many wonderful Comox Valley adventures! I am sure the future pen pals will be delighted!

    • Eugenia is too fragile for most adventures, but she is a good friend and a good speller…Arianell is becoming a great story teller, and together they can have fun telling their pen pals about all the fun!

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