Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse


Opal and Agathe sat on the fence and gazed at the sky last night….



…they saw the Super Blood Wolf Eclipse of the Moon!

“Super” because the moon is the closest to the earth in it’s orbit that it can be;

“blood” because although the full spectrum of sunlight is blocked, some of the red sun light bends through the Earth’s atmosphere and reaches the surface of the moon;

and “Wolf” because it is the first full moon in January…

The cat girls heard lots of people, dogs, and maybe a wolf howling at the moon at totality, but being Cats, they did not join in.

Thanks to our favourite photographer for the picture of the nearly eclipsed moon.


10 thoughts on “Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

  1. Amazing photography…Superb description…Awesome participants!!! In and out the cupboard, the Quimper Hittys are a blessing. It is a privilege to be their friend…thank you for all the information you share and the joy you spread!

  2. I am so pleased to read such a clear description of what is transpiring with the moon at this time…and to see the “feline” Hittys a part of it…well, nothing could be finer than that….thank you.

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