January Blue


Arianell and Eugenia saw some blue outside…

Raincoats on

…and decided to go and inspect it.



Grape Hyacinth

The very first flowers in our flower pot garden!




So tiny and blue!




It is chilly and wet here in winter…




…but things are growing!




And hopping about!



9 thoughts on “January Blue

  1. How great to see these greening plants and so lovely blue grape hyacinths (? I assume). We are covered in what feels like feet of snow, some ice and winds. Your posting brings hope for Spring…months away here.

  2. It’s a welcomed feast for my eyes to see budding flowers…We’ve been in a deep freeze here in the Eastern U.S. These posts of Spring in the making is pure joy.

  3. How lovely to have some blue in the garden at this time of year. Your Hittys always delight me. They have the most wonderful expressive faces and I think are my most favourite Hittys of all. I need to set aside some time tomorrow to catch up with all your posts!

    • Thank you very much…My Hittys have certainly got the humans in this family wrapped around their little fingers! It has been a busy time, and my Hittys are always getting up to something or other!

  4. Wow, something growing in your garden! The Country HIttys are looking at your flowers with great wistfullness….winter is still hard upon us in Missouri!

    • Winter has its own territory and schedule, I think. January here it is often dark and wet, so every time there is a little glow of light outdoors we rush out to play in it! Things are green here all year around, but we love it when we see little flowers coming!

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