Knitting Blue

Knitting Blue

Rose’s knitting is coming along…




…knitting socks for humans can be a cosy activity…especially when she gets to the heel.



Sleeping Basket

The cats are being well-behaved today…




…for the most part.





9 thoughts on “Knitting Blue

  1. Well done, Rose! You are an expert knitter AND a cat wrangler. Clearly, one word from you and that sweet but cheeky little kitty will be asleep with her siblings in seconds.

  2. What a cozy time for all….don’t know about your temps, but it is surely a welcome sight to see all of that blue coziness around Rose and the cats close knit companionship.

  3. The photo of that little cat peering out….looking for some yarn to chomp made me laugh! Rose is really going to town on her knittig. Her humans are so lucky to have her working away for them.

  4. Rose is knitting socks with a gorgeous blue yarn, which is making a lovely pattern. So I guess a sock heel makes
    a great hood and cape for Hittys!
    Celia C

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