January Flowers


Arianell walked home from a meeting with me, and found a drift of snowdrops…




…a little clump pf crocus…



Winter Jasmine

…and some lovely winter Jasmine!




We bought two bunches of sweet-smelling Freesias…




…and salvaged the broken bits for the Hitty cupboard!



10 thoughts on “January Flowers

  1. Oh, what a beautiful sight. How wonderful to go outdoors and see all of these flowers. We are still seeing snowflakes instead of snowdrops.

  2. How perfectly gorgeous these blooms are and Arianell looks so happy amongst them….very cheery for us in the frigid climes to see such delicate flowers in this season.

  3. I will second that! Under 20 inches of snow with more coming down today…it sure is heart warming to see flowers!!!! Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. Beautiful flowers. Someday here when the snow is gone we may have some. I will enjoy looking at your flowers until ours pop through the ground. So nice the Hittys had some flowers for their table.

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