Pancake Day 2019

Frying Batter

Jane fried up a stack of pancakes this morning…

Eating Pancakes

Hittys like butter, maple syrup, strawberries and cream on top of their pancakes…




…wait a minute…




…did someone mention cream?

Happy Pancake day!



8 thoughts on “Pancake Day 2019

  1. This is what i call a delicious breakfast. Gilly and cat look very happy to sit at this beautiful table and dig/sip in.

  2. .The Hittys have the right idea about how to eat pancakes. Jane is such a good cook. I hope that little cat got a bowl of nice cream.

    • Yes, pancakes are really just a platform to hold quantities of butter, syrup, strawberries and cream! The cat is licking its whiskers clean right this very moment, and has a very satisfied expression, so yes, I think a bowl of nice cream was found to be an acceptable offering.

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