Ume Matsuri 2019

New Kimono

Patience put on her new Kimono…

Two Kimono

…and met Constance in the blossom park.



Blossom Party

They met their friends and strolled…



Little girls

…under the pretty trees.




The plum blossoms are so delicate…




…and beautiful…




…and they  promise the end of winter!






12 thoughts on “Ume Matsuri 2019

    • Thank you very much! The fabric is from a lady at Moss Street Market who gave me a bag of Kimono scraps. I have had some instruction from a Japanese friend, and always hope I am doing justice to her teachings, though I am by no means an expert!

  1. The girls look so beautiful and colorful in their kimonos. Love the idea of a blossom park. These photos are a visual vacation from all the snow here in the East. Looking forward to Spring and perhaps I can find a blossom park too.

    • I am glad you could take a short break from your snow…it has been much colder than usual too here, and unexpected episodes of the white stuff, but we are crawling towards warmer weather at last! The plants are encouraged by the longer daylight, so I try to be as well!

  2. Wow! The girls are all so beautiful in their kimonos. I love the hair ornament that Patience is modeling. The kimonos are so colorful and the girls all look so delicate in them. Wonderful.

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