Hatty and Tatty go on a walk


 Hatty and Tatty rode in the basket…

Leaf pile

Tatty climbed out of the basket and up to the top of a huge pile of leaves, and Hatty followed her up. They sat there leaning on the twigs.



Hide and seek

They arrived at the bridge and played a little hide and seek…




…and then they went to the mailbox but there wasn’t any mail for anybody.




On the way home they collected a lot of twigs and built a beaver dam…



Beaver dam

… Hatty and Tatty wanted to make a home for the baby beavers to shelter in just in case they needed it.



Tooth flossing

They were so tired after all that hard work, so they used a twig to floss their teeth…



Sleepy hearts

…then they slept in their basket all the way home!



8 thoughts on “Hatty and Tatty go on a walk

  1. Tatty and Hatty could not be any more exhausted than I felt after reading their busy narrative. My, they were very busy! Loved it that they could floss their teeth with the twig!

  2. every bit of this was delightful! The smallest Quimper Human is wonderful. I suspect that she wore everyone out on this walkabout!!

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