Flowers of Spring Shortbread


Linnea had an idea about baking, so her little girl made her an apron out of paper towel and string…


And then they found a recipe (we changed the baking temperature to 325, and the time to 15 minutes).



Cookie dough


They made some shortbread dough…



Balls of shortbread

…and then they rolled the dough into balls…




…And they mooshed it into the cooky pan.



Flowers of Spring

They made beautiful flowers of spring cookies for the first day of spring.





The cookies were so tasty!



10 thoughts on “Flowers of Spring Shortbread

  1. Flower cookies…what a fun way to start Spring! Also wonderful spending time with the little one. Have continued fun in Comox!

  2. How tasty to welcome Spring with those lovely, fun baked shortbread cookies! It appears that great memories are being made. Thanks for sharing such happy times with us.

  3. Flower cookies…Hum…flower barbeque…flowers are a wonderful theme in youngest member’s home. Love them all.
    Happy Spring everyone!!!

  4. Oh how beautiful! Shortbread cookies have long been a favourite of mine. So lovely to carry on the tradition to the next generation with the additional twist of flower molds! The little apron was very creative!

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