The Quimper Hittys are a little worn out after their extended visit with their sisters in the Comox Valley…




…but an exciting new piece of Hitty furniture perked them up!




The wardrobe mirror is long enough to see their entire reflection from curls to boots…




…and it is big enough to get right inside!




Constance likes the little home made hangers.





Wouldn’t it be amazing if it were a magic wardrobe and they could get to Narnia?!!



10 thoughts on “Wardrobe

  1. Yes, it does seem like there could be some major adventures with such an astounding Hitty-sized wardrobe! What a lovely find or did it seek you?

    • We stopped for a break a little more than half way home from Comox, at an “Antique Barn”. It was full of interesting things, but the Hittys were most insistent about getting this wardrobe!

  2. how funny the first thing I thought of was the magic cupboard! What a fantastic piece of furniture!! My girls and I are all agog!! Glad you are all home and can rest up from the rigors of your visit. I am sure the Quimper human could use a bit of a lie down! Congrats on the cupboard.

    • Quimper Hitty human has been a little sluggish since returning from the latest Comox Valley adventure…the Hittys are amusing themselves with the lovely new wardrobe…so much potential, depending on their personalities, they are planning for Clothes storage, Hide-and-seek, trips to Narnia!

  3. My first thought was the lion the witch and the wardrobe also…I have learned from living with so many hittys that magic is an everyday occurrence. Glad you had such a wonderful visit and taking us along. Your new wardrobe is beautiful.

    • I remember being “bewitched” by those books! I hope the Hittys can read them some day…probably we need fur coats in the wardrobe for the magic to happen, but I am not quite sure how that will happen!

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