March Garden

Rhubarb sprout

This time of year you have to be quick to notice changes in the garden. Look at this Rhubarb sprout…




…it only took a couple of days to turn into this!!

(Mary Ann says Rhubarb is good for the constitution)




This year we are going to catch the Elderflowers when they are in full bloom…the human wants to make cordial, or possibly jelly!

(Mary Ann says Elderflowers are heathen plants and should be avoided at all costs)




Our Quince sapling is looking happy…

(Mary Ann says quince is safer than the apple tree it replaced, as she is not sure what species of apple was the forbidden fruit)




The little Gooseberry bush might actually have some fruit this year!

(Mary Ann is silent on the subject of Gooseberries).




10 thoughts on “March Garden

  1. So lovely to see spring growth in the garden. Fort Collins will not see this for awhile yet. but it is coming … we have faith. 🙂

  2. aha!! Spring!! And all the little buds and blooms. We are having nice weather and things are budding and greening up…just hoping the cold weather is over. Love all the beautiful photos!

    • I am pretty sure that spring has arrived in our neighbourhood, though there was morning frost in the Comox Valley last week! We had a very nice visit to the garden to check it all out!

  3. This story is so sweet and the Hitty’s have brought back cherish memories…especially in my taste buds…Rhubarb brings back wonderful memories of my Swedish mother making rhubarb pie. It’s my favorite. I can remember every single one of my friends thinking it was awful. (my mom didn’t use other fruits in the pie) I never could understand why??? I’ve tried to grow rhubarb to no avail…maybe it’s the climate here…and getting it in local stores is scarce.

    Mary Anne gave me “food for thought” so to speak in saying that we don’t know which species of apple is the forbidden fruit. Something to keep in mind for sure.

    • I don’t know if we will get enough rhubarb for pie this year but I hope so! I have seen many giant plants of rhubarb in Iceland and in the Yukon Territory, so it can’t be the cold, but maybe the soil type? I wish I could send you some!

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