Perdita’s Stump Garden

Watering Can

Rain or shine, Perdita has been taking care of the stump garden…




…this picture was taken a few days ago…




and this one was taken this afternoon! Because it is April, Perdita never knows if she’ll need her raincoat, or her sun hat, or both!




Waiting, watering, and watching is harder than it looks, though the watching is easier now that the plants are big enough to withstand the chickens!




6 thoughts on “Perdita’s Stump Garden

  1. Oh, the careful, tender gardening habits of Hitty Perdita are showing such progress. How grateful she must be now that the chickens will not be such a challenge to her garden.

  2. I believe Perdita is safeguarding and nurturing nasturtiums…no wonder those pesky chickens want to eat them.

    • We are all pleased with the stump garden, but Perdita especially so. Her coat is one of the first I ever made for a Hitty – the buttons are hand made ceramic, purchased in Argentina!

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