April Elderflower Tonic


Elderflower Cordial is rather sticky, so the human did most of the decanting into bottles. We ended up with just over one litre of cordial. Using fizzy water, the concentrate is diluted approximately 10 to one…




…Aurelia and Patience say it is a lovely spring tonic, and well worth the wait!




9 thoughts on “April Elderflower Tonic

  1. aha…fizzy water is used with the tonic. It really does look quite refreshing. And of course what a perfect spring tonic. I am quite impressed with the girls tableware and the human size small bottles. Very nice!

  2. The elder elixir sounds so refreshing. Long ago and near here, I read an article that prompted me to pick elder flowers and put them into a pancake batter…not sure if I tasted them, but, it opened a world to me of possibilities. Thank you again for this lovely narrative of happenings at the QH home base. Your dolls have become a happy, familiar feature within my being.

  3. Love the darling wicker table and chairs. Looks like Patience and Aurelia could open up the perfect little elderberry bistro for friends could come and gather and chat.

    • An Elderberry bistro – what a good addition the the Hitty commercial spaces that would be! The little table and chairs were a gift from a young friend who is good friends with Tansy.

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