Rainy Weekend


Hooray it’s the weekend!




Ugh look at the weather!




Why does it always seem to rain on the weekend??




Is it a Mystery to solve???




…no, just meteorology!





12 thoughts on “Rainy Weekend

  1. Meteorology is bringing all sorts of “mysteries” to us these days. I assume that the block twins found something intriguing to delve into this weekend.

  2. The block twins’ mind is so creative, they’ll come up with a great plan for sure. Our household welcomed the rain this week as it washed away most of the snow on the ground! Happy weekend to the Quimper Hittys!

  3. I am rare(ish) in that I love rain. Books and baking, sewing and dolls are all great on a rainy day. But I realize, I am not a little girl who would like to skate or ride a bike, go for a hike or collect sea shells instead. Would Jane let the twins bake? Or, is that too much like a recipe for disaster? Anyway, hope all the Quimper household enjoys the day in some way.

  4. Intermittent rainy days are great to rest and have a mental vacation…but too much rain has the opposite effect…gloom.

    • We live on the coast, so the rain tends to blow in and then blow away again…we don’t usually mind too much. The adults are actually hoping that the reservoirs will fill up or there will be severe water restrictions later this summer.

  5. We wish the twins were here with us. It rained last night but this morning it dawned sunny and bright. Perfect biking, hiking, flower gawking weather!

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