Rainy Drive

Dripping Forest

Tatty, Aurelia and Constance hopped into the traveling basket for a trip through the dripping wet rainforest..




Foggy Mountains

…and over the foggy coastal mountains….




Hitty Home

…to their favourite Comox Valley sisters’ house, where they plan to stay for a few days of visiting.




8 thoughts on “Rainy Drive

  1. How nice of them to visit their sisters…it seems like a beautiful journey to Comox…and even better spending time there! Happy visit to all…will the girls go on Easter eggs hunt by any chance? ❤️

    • Spending time with our favourite little girl is always a delight! Easter egg hunting is a tradition in the family, we will have to see whether it has made it into this next generation!

  2. Ahh another week of adventures with the Smallest Quimper Human and her staff!! Happy Easter and have a great time ..

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