May Rhubarb

Green Jungle

Aurelia helped with the first harvest of the year…




Pink Jungle

…the Rhubarb is abundant and healthy.



Spring Harvest

We picked a basketful….




Aurelia helped scrub the stalks…






…and then Jane made Rhubarb Sauce!




8 thoughts on “May Rhubarb

  1. How handy to have so many helping hands with you in Spring-time harvesting! It must be fun working together with little wooden dollies.

  2. I confess that I am not a fan of rhubarb to eat but I do like how it looks in the garden! Glad your crop is healthy and abundant.

  3. What a vigorous crop you have. I’ve tried to grow rhubarb many times but alas, my plants always burn out in our hot summers. Rhubarb pie is my all time favorite…my mother made it every year when I was a child. I can almost smell it baking in the oven. Wonderful memories.

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