Dawn Chorus 2019


It’s the first Sunday in May – International Dawn Chorus Day!

Min’s name comes from a little hopping bird Psaltriparous minimus, so she thinks this celebration is just for her. She is also one of the few members of the Quimper Hitty family who is willing to get up an hour before dawn to go outside just to listen to the birds!




We are lucky to have a lot of trees, bushes and other bird-friendly plants in the garden…




…they provide shelter, food and places to rest…






…and Min loves to climb around in trees!




Wouldn’t you if you were named after a little bird whose name means born singing?

Happy Dawn Chorus Day…Min says go outside and listen to the birds!



6 thoughts on “Dawn Chorus 2019

  1. Oh Yes! Birders must get up early to hear and find spring migrants. Min is a real trooper. She always makes me smile…

    • Min is a favourite around here, though sometimes she does wear people out! Whether the birds are local or just passing through, they make a joyful noise at the crack of dawn!

  2. Min is such a charmer.. I love seeing her climbing about listening to her namesakes and their friends!

  3. Min is a favorite of mine. Such a sweetie. We do not have a lot of trees in our neighborhood, but the ones we do have contain birds. Songbird voices are so uplifting. Top of the morning to you Min!

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