Writing; Story

Up The Steps

Eugenia lugged a basket of equipment up the stairs…






…put a book on her lap…




…and started a letter to her friends.




When the letter was done…



Me too; Me too

…the tiny ones climbed up…




…and she read them a story.


10 thoughts on “Writing; Story

  1. I can’t begin to tell you how memorable and touching your narratives are to me. They are truly some of the most delicious “icing on a cake” that I can imagine in our earthly lives. Thank you for sharing your stories and the adventures of the Hittys and friends with us so generously.

  2. Your dolls have a great time almost every day. I look forward to seeing and reading what they will be up to next.

  3. Your stories pull at my heartstrings. They are sweet, touching and kind. They frequently show that it’s the time spent with loved ones (at play, work, or rest) that matters most to all of us humans and Hitty’s alike… your abilities with your camera, conjure up fond memories of all sorts in your wonderful stories… Eugenia reading to the wee one’s while they sit on her lap, invokes such feelings.

    • It is really nice to hear that, I love taking the pictures and writing the blog, and sometimes after I have written a whole story I suddenly have to go out and recreate a scene for one more photo! Such as the photo of Eugenia reading to the wee ones!

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