Rose Twig

roughed out

After a thorny  job removing a rosebush gone wild, the human thought there might be a small person emerging from a twig…





Arianell held the little Twig and encouraged her to think positive thoughts about arms and legs!






8 thoughts on “Rose Twig

  1. How handy you are when it comes to carving, clothing, creating! I will look forward to the remaining parts of the rose twig coming together in a new little wooden being.

  2. that is just flat out amazing!!! Who would have imagined such a thing??!! Not me!! But obviously YOU!! I am in awe….once again you have amazed me.

  3. She’s going to be a wonderful tiny person. I firmly believe that there are carvings in any piece of wood, and you must found it. It’s good that you’re so open to your creative voice whispering to you.

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