Little Peas

Walking Home

Gilly walked home with me…






Pea Hen

…and spotted a Pea Hen.



Pea Chicks

…with six pea chicks!




The pea chicks were too shy to visit with Gilly…



No Thanks

…that evening Gilly was reluctant to eat her dinner.


12 thoughts on “Little Peas

  1. I’ve never seen a peahen outside of a zoo…and to spot the six chicks to boot would be a complete thrill. There must have been a peacock nearby. Gilly brought birding luck on your walk…and her reluctance to eat her peas was so funny. What a great story.

    • There are Pea Fowl in Beacon Hill Park which isn’t all that far away…the six pea chicks were so cute, and cheeped and chirped and ran around and around while mama Pea Hen kept a gimlet eye on the surroundings.

  2. Too funny! I am sure that Constance reassured her about where little pea chicks come from! Getting to see mom and the babies, how special!

  3. This is such a sweet story! I’ve never seen peachicks or peahens. i’m impressed that Gilly was able to get so close to them. I loved the surprise end.

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