Briar Done


Briar is painted…







…and strung together, but chilly!



Small friends

A Clothes peg girl introduced her to a lot of little friends with a lot of different kinds of clothes (which Briar thought were impractical and old-fashioned).




So I made her some jeans…




…and a t-shirt.



12 thoughts on “Briar Done

  1. Briar is pretty sweet. She is already very smart and seems to have a mind of her own. I applaud your choice of pants and a shirt.My new girl yesterday decided she wanted overalls rather than a dress. We are working on them for her.

  2. I simply adore the variety of plant life that have come to life in your household and all with such differing personalities. Is there always a lot of chatter going on? Activities? We see so much of it and you’re so kind to share it with us. Thanks for bringing marvelous narratives to us.

  3. Wow! I am so impressed by the jeans you made!!!! Goodness they are tiny and perfect. Briar is a very lucky little one. I imagine that she will have many fun adventures.

  4. I seem to be late in viewing week-end stories…I’ve viewed the picnic with the rogue crow several times…it is so great. It is one of those Quimper stories that keeps on giving…in smiles…just adorable.
    The name Briar fits her to a tee…shirt and jeans. She is a blessed little wooden to be born into the Quimper family.

    • We are glad you are able to read about the Quimper Hittys, we love to think that you are being amused by them whenever it works out for you! Briar is going to have fun with us!

  5. I am rather astounded by how tiny she is…and further amazed that you made jeans and a tee shirt for her!!!! You continue to amaze and delight me!!

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