Tiny Expedition


Briar found something exciting on the porch!!!







She organised an expedition of the tiny woodens to come and see it…




…Flora is always annoyed that she is the oldest girl in the family yet can’t walk because of her baby form…




…Peg organised the pushchair so they didn’t have to go at a crawling pace.




…and they all made it to the porch where Briar gave them a lovely swing!



10 thoughts on “Tiny Expedition

  1. what a lovely swing….that new porch is really providing some great fun and relaxation. Glad the girls all helped little Flora be part of the group. What a caring bunch of wee ones!

  2. I see that little woodens share the same love of swings as do our little humans. (and I must confess at my age… I still love to swing). That new porch is giving happiness not only to the Quimper Family but also to the recipients of all these lovely stories. That sun patch looks so inviting…we haven’t had much lately.

    • The porch swing appeared during a clean-up effort, it must have been in a box for 25 years, the tinies are very glad to have it, and I confess both Hittys and humans are a little envious!

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