Dewey Morning


It is a dry time of year in our garden, but early in the morning Gilly found some drops of water on the Nasturtiums…





Lady’s Mantle

…and on the serrated tips of the lady’s Mantle leaves.




The Horsetail looks like a little Christmas tree!



Strawberry Leaves

There are little sparkly pearls at the tip of each strawberry leaf…




…so the berries must be magical.




Breakfast in the Hitty cupboard!



8 thoughts on “Dewey Morning

  1. Gilly is the sweetest little girl. She had such a lovely magical experience in the garden, and her fresh strawberry for breakfast will be a yummy treat.

  2. Not only are the berries magical but all of your photo’s are as well…of course Gilly brings her own brand of magic to me every time I see her in your stories.

  3. Gilly looks so incredibly pleased with herself and that bowl of strawberry! Lovely photos of the dewy leaves. I enjoyed the closeups of Gilly’s sweet dress.

    • A bowl of strawberry is plenty for a bitty Hitty! Gilly’s dress made beautiful shadows on the wall this morning, with the sun shining through the lace, I wish I had gotten a good picture of that!

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