July Garden

Williams’ Bon Chrétien

In the July Quimper garden, the Williams’ Bon Chrétien pears are getting bigger and shiny…






…and the Quince is getting bigger and fuzzy!




The lawn is drying up after not being watered for two months (watering restrictions started May 1) but the clover is growing.  A friend said it looks like a bee sanctuary!



Sweet Peas

The Sweet Peas are thriving…



Stump Garden

…so is the stump garden with a bit of help from the watering can…



Cone Flower

and look at the Echinacea!


12 thoughts on “July Garden

    • We spend lots of time in the garden in summer…weeding, picking flowers, sometimes just thinking encouraging thoughts…I love taking the Hittys out there, they see things from a totally different angle!

  1. the Quimper garden is glorious! The Country Hittys are doing a valiant (but probably doomed) battle with the voracious Japanese Beetle. We shall just have to enjoy YOUR gardening success

    • Thanks very much our garden watering restrictions are quite reasonable – we are permitted to water with a sprinkler on Wednesdays and Sundays, but with a hand-held sprayer or watering can any time. If we were in a forest fire zone we’d pay more attention to the lawn, (keeping it green and damp would protect the house better) but as it is we just let the grass dry up in summer…On the plus side, we don’t have to mow it, and the bees enjoy the clover!

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