July Company


Hitty company from Ontario has arrived!






Of course the Quimper Hittys immediately offered them (and their lovely cat) a cup of tea…




Constance and Lancaster Rose looked after Hitty Freddie, who was feeling indisposed after the long journey…



Grrr Hsss

the Quimper Hittys were not happy about the feline interloper…




…but they made friends over a plate of fish.


12 thoughts on “July Company

  1. A wonderful Sunday it must be in and around Quimper cupboard. Company is a source of joy and occasion for tons of fun activities and discoveries…these visitors are in for a treat! Get well wishes to Hitty Freddie.

  2. How lovely that those from over yonder in Ontario have been able to come visit. You and the Hitty cupboard must be enjoying that visit a lot. So glad the cats are feeling more complacent with one another too….no need for a fur ball dispute.

  3. It’s fun to see the sweet way the Hitty’s entertain their friends. Looks like they all are enjoying each other…but traveling with pets can be challenging.

  4. What a wonderful get together! So happy the felines are doing okay with one another. Cats can be quite picky about their friends! Hope the Hittys and their Humans have a wonderful time together!

    • We are having a wonderful time! The Hittys are hoping they aren’t wearing out their guests with all the activities…a couple of days of peaceful activities are planned to rest the joints and replenish the xylems and phloems…The cat’s tempers are improving!

  5. Thanks so much for the wonderful welcome! We felt right at home when we arrived. The Quimper Hittys and their humans are very gracious hosts. Hitty Freddy and Susie Q are both looking forward to spending time in the Quimper Hitty Spa.

    • We were so happy to see Hitty Freddy blossom under the ministrations of her devoted human, and happy to see her revived self come out of her shell! Susie will come together when she has a bit more time!

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