Tansy and Butternut Girl Head South


Tansy took Butternut Girl to the Haida Heritage Centre at Kay Llnagaay….






…where they gratefully absorbed some stories from the old pole at the entry.



Float Plane

Then they had to dash off to catch the float plane south…




…the girls visited the cockpit…



Looking South

…and gazed south. Tansy and Butternut Girl are on their way to Gwaii Haanas where they will spend some time on the schooner Passing Cloud. Tansy will be back in the Hitty Cupboard in a couple of weeks, but Butternut Girl will live the rest of her life in the Misty Isles.




14 thoughts on “Tansy and Butternut Girl Head South

  1. Ohhhh, Butternut Girl will live elsewhere~ well, that will be a blessing for those in the Misty Isles…what a grand name! Thank you again for taking us along to this out of the way place (that I would never have known about if not for the intrepid Hitty Tansy and crew).

  2. I truly believe that the old pole revealed traditional stories to the girls…and can’t help but notice the look of utter happiness on butternut girls face…she is going home.

  3. what fun for Tansy to introduce Butternut Girl to all the beautiful places that she is familiar with and that will now be home for Butternut girl. I agree that Misty Isles is a perfect place for a Hitty to live!!

    • Tansy is the lucky Hitty that has been to Haida Gwaii several times – and always manages to learns new things! We are pretty sure it is going to be fun for Butternut girl to live there permanently!

  4. a little wooden girl goes to live amongst the majestic wooden poles, I’m sure she will be loved and cared for and become part of the stories. Haven’t been there since I was a child but the memories linger.

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