Sewing for Mormor 2




Mormor is very pleased with her respectable clothes. We made her a blouse that buttons in front…




…and a skirt that does up in the back…




She says it is comfortable, respectable, and looks nice. With all her new clothes and a cat on her lap she is warm as toast!!








16 thoughts on “Sewing for Mormor 2

  1. Mormor looks perfect and much at ease! The view from the back reveals a superb hairdo! She is quite the lady!!! We are eager to know more about her. Perhaps she likes to travel?

    • Mormor’s hair rolls back and over, and is secured with many hairpins! I think she might like to travel…if she practices her French, she might even visit the Eastern Townships! For now though she is going to familiarize herself with the local cupboard and shops.

  2. She looks like the perfect welcoming Grandmother…oops…Mormor…with hugs and goodies for her family. The outfit turned out great.

  3. Goodness she is the very picture of respectable matron! Her new outfit is perfect! Suits her to a tee!! My own Ida is a bit envious and I might have to make her something in a more sober fabric.

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