Sewing for Mormor




Sewing for Mormor means making completely new patterns as she has a more mature shape than the other, more girlish Quimper Hittys.



She likes it, and it fits so far!








14 thoughts on “Sewing for Mormor

    • Mormor picked the colour and the pattern herself, so even if I thought it might not suit her, I wouldn’t dream of saying so! The lace is extremely special, having been made by the grandmother of a friend!

    • I actually rather approved of the fabric choice…we searched high and low, and finally ended up with this fabric. We decided a skirt and matching blouse would be good, and we can make other blouses to go-with!

  1. Loving the outfit so far. The fabric is perfect for Mormor but I love the frilly slip underneath. This dress will be great with her sweater too.

    • The slip was hastily cobbled together on the last day of our carving workshop – even freshly carved and painted, Mormor refused to be photographed in her altogether! It looked so nice with the addition of the special lace that I secured the stitches and made the slip into her special under-garment.

  2. How lovely to see Meemo’s lace on Mormor’s petticoat! Meemo died age 101 and never even SAW the internet. Wouldn’t she be amazed!

    • Meemo’s lace is lovely, Mormor feels very lucky to have a little of it on her best petticoat!! Thank you for sharing it with me…it is treasured and appreciated, and Mormor promises to carefully remove and wash it separately on laundry days!

  3. excellent choice of pattern and color for Mormor. I am tickled by the lacy trim on her slip! A bit of flirtatious trim all hidden away.

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