Quimper Quince Tarte



Tarte Tatin

Jane found a recipe for Quince Tarte Tatin, worthy of our very first quince crop ever…





Mudlark reported that it looked and tasted spectacular!




Guttersnipe may have eaten too much!



Click here for the recipe. We altered the recipe by peeling, coring and quartering the quinces instead of cutting into 48 slices (anyone who has tried to cut a raw quince knows why!). The quince quarters were slow-cooked on low in light syrup for 4 hours. We used the remaining light syrup to make the caramel sauce.  Served with a dollop of double cream, and a sprinkling of coarsely ground pistachios, the entire human family agreed it was a worthy recipe!




10 thoughts on “Quimper Quince Tarte

    • Quince is inedible when raw, but sweet and perfumey when cooked. It has little sclerenchyma cells (gritty bits) like pears do, and it’s yellow flesh turns a beautiful garnet colour when cooked! It is an amazing fruit!

  1. Poor Guttersnipe…she looks like most of my dinner guests after the Thanksgiving meal!! Sprawled about on recliners and sofas! Never having tasted or cooked with a quince i found the recipe and your photos quite interesting. Thanks for the link to that site!

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