Candied Quimper Quince



Peel, core, chop

Jane is off on another Quince-preserving adventure. First she peeled, cored and chopped a kilo of fruit…





She sent Briar to the crock for 500 g of sugar.



Back of the stove

Jane mixed sugar, fruit, 50 ml of water, and a teaspoon of lemon juice, then put it at the back of the stove to slow cook for several hours.


Quince in a jar

The cooked slices went into a bottle, along with residual syrup.




Guttersnipe, Briar and Mudlark are sure the last bit of Quimper Quince syrup would be delicious on pancakes!



We think they are right about the pancakes…candied Quimper Quince would also be good chopped and sprinkled onto ice cream, or used as a substitute for candied peel in recipes, we have also made almond tarts with sliced candied quince on top…that was our favourite, but incredibly decadent!




9 thoughts on “Candied Quimper Quince

    • Jane is always game to have a cooking adventure – in a brisk, no-nonsense kind of a way… quince is such a lovely fruit, it is hard to think why it is not better-known, unless it is because they take a long time to cook and people are so busy these days.

  1. There isn’t a blemish on your quince…the hittys sure know how to grow healthy fruit. It’s fun to see Briar again…and I agree that the syrup looks like a tasty topping for pancakes…Hum…makes me hungry…think I’ll whip up some pancakes for lunch.

  2. Goodness Jane is working very hard with this quince harvest. I suspect she will be happy when the last of those quince are eaten, cooked or jarred! Love the look of the candied quince. I am now very curious about the taste of a quince.

    • We think Quince is delicious – I wish we could mail you one to try. Cooked quinces are very pretty – from yellowish pink all the way to ruby red, it depends on how long you cook it for!

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