Thanksgiving 2019


Things we are thankful for: wise elders and hopeful youngsters…



Purr and Sip

…cups of tea and warm cats…




…food enough for today, and those who grew, prepared and invited us to share it…


…a warm, safe house on this beautiful earth.


Today is Thanksgiving Day…we will have lots of human family visiting, and lots of good food to eat.

We hope people everywhere have reasons to be thankful.





12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2019

  1. Indeed, lots to be thankful for here in Sutton…and very near the top of our list, right after family members, are our dear Hitty friends and you Quimper family, are among those very special ones! We are most thankful for the daily joy we find in your posts. For that, we send a warm hug to you!

    • Merci beaucoup my dearest Sutton friends, for the kind hugs, and we hope your Thanksgiving Day was also full of fine foods, friends and family. Love from your Quimper Hitty human and doll friends.

  2. I’m thankful for the Quimper Hitty blog…your artistry, creativity, narratives, photos…thanks for keeping my heart close to home too…may your day be full with the family and friends you love and of course hearts of thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing the QH’s Thanksgiving with us…Mormor certainly adds another layer of depth. How grateful I am to the elders too.

    • I am so happy to have you as one of my Hitty friends, it feeds my heart to create the dolls, and record the adventures they have with each other. I have learned a lot, and continue to have such fun with them. I am grateful for your continuing encouragement!

  3. I’m thankful for kind and good people like you and the sweet kind folks who comment on your blog…for all of our dear beloved family and pets and hittys. You brighten up many a day.
    Love seeing Gilly. Mormor’s Swedish hat is picture perfect.

    • Thank you so much for being a faithful Hitty friend. We are happy that you noticed Mormor’s little cap, we had fun making it, and making it fit! She loves having an excuse to wear her Folkdräkt…but I must make her a pocket!

    • Mormor is very happy in her finery…and the Quimper Hitty family is intrigued. We are all grateful to live in this little peaceful corner of Canada. I made the outfit for her, because I’ve always been fascinated by Carl and Karin Larson, and I like to be reminded of my Swedish heritage.

  4. every day I give thanks for my ordinary and deeply satisfying life. The Quimper Hittys and their human are a part of my life and i am thankful for you!!

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