Silver Acorns




Arianell’s name means “Silver” in Welsh…so of course she was chosen to help make these very special cookies. We made the plain sugar cooky dough from Fannie Farmer’s cookbook, chilled it, then rolled it out.  Next Arianell cut them out with the acorn shaped cooky cutter.




Before baking, she painted the caps with egg tempera (an egg yolk mixed with food colouring).




After they were baked, she painted the bottoms with edible silver mixed with gin.

They are super special cookies for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner dessert!



12 thoughts on “Silver Acorns

  1. What beautiful sweet acorns…just lovely. They will look so festive on your table. Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Quimper Family. Enjoy!

  2. You and Arianell have made such beautiful cookies…I’d never heard of tempera painting cookies…they look so festive.

    Yes, may you enjoy a lovely day of thanksgiving together with whomever you’re gathering with tomorrow.

    • Thank you very much, I think it will be a fun afternoon dinner, with lots of leftovers! Hopefully the guests all love either Quince Tarte Tatin, or home made Pumpkin Pie (or both) with whipping cream and acorn cookies!

  3. Wow!! Those really are very special cookies!! So petite and unusual. I hope the dinner guests all appreciate them. I am very impressed!

    • As long as you use food colouring and paint them before baking, it works a treat. One egg yolk, plus a couple of drops of water, plus the food colouring, applied with a paintbrush as demonstrated by Arianell….the edible silver is applied after baking, and mixed in gin or vodka (water would make the cookies soggy).

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