November Lurgy




The Dreadful Lurgy is our least favourite seasonal visitor – it tends to make our heads spin…





and requires us to rest…




…and sleep a lot.

We are under the weather, but hope to be vertical again very soon.







14 thoughts on “November Lurgy

    • We’ve heard that three days is enough time to have guests and old fish in the house…there are exceptions of course, but yes, we’d rather the Lurgy exit stage left, and sooner rather than later.

    • We’re snoozing, drinking liquids (tomato soup today, and carrot/ginger a day or two ago) and taking it easy for the time being…thank you for all your kindnesses…I am sure it is working!

    • We are glad for all the sympathetic comments from you and other Hitty friends…I am pretty warm, but I think I will get a cup of tea and try to insert myself under a cat like Constance.

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