Winter Sky Quilt



Constance helped choose a simple snowflake embroidery pattern to hold the layers together…




…and a bright blue binding to finish the edges.




She stitched first the front and then the back…!




The quilt is done!



Artist’s comments

Constance was proud of it! She explained how we made the quilt…Arianell listened with rapt attention…she’d like to try quilting. Rose thinks she’ll stick to knitting, though she may try that colour combination in her next pair of “Hitty Sleeping Bags”.  All Min can think of to say is Wow!



Winter Night Sky

When you lie on the ground and look at the sky, do you ever have the feeling you aren’t really sure which way is up?


16 thoughts on “Winter Sky Quilt

  1. Absolutely spectacular creation! Min is so right to look at it with such wonder. Thank you for sharing the process and the truly gorgeous result with us!

    • Thanks, so much – kind words mean a lot to me, especially from another quilter! I love winter dark when the sky is so clear and the stars so sharp! Making this quilt was very satisfying.

  2. No wonder Constance is proud with her quilt. The added snowflakes on the star and background make this quilt even more spectacular. I’ll go as far as saying,” this is the most gorgeous Hitty quilt I have ever seen.” Truly inspired. Just awesome.

    • The snowflakes were an inspiration after I had already started “stitch in the ditch” outlining the centre star…it just didn’t look right to me so I unpicked the stitching and pondered what the quilt really wanted. Luckily I thought of the simple snowflakes. It is very satisfying to make such a tiny pretty quilt!

  3. I am with Min…WOW…Double WoW!!! The addition of the snowflake embroidery is genius!! This quilt is a work of art! you and Constance make a great team.

    • We thought you’d like the embroidery idea, the quilt seemed to want something subtle enough that it didn’t detract from the pattern, but special enough too. The snowflakes seemed to work – yay! Thanks very much for your constant support!

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