A big-hearted little girl

The human is carving…






…the youngest human thinks Vanilla might be a good name…we are considering it, or possibly Valentina!






13 thoughts on “Vanilla/Valentina

  1. oh my she is going to be beautiful!! And that heart is so special. Of course ALL the Quimper Hittys have such heart..even when you can not see them!

  2. I second that thought on the heart…and how wonderful this little wooden will be! The human’s fingers create magic. But this very special human creates magic in so many ways…and shares!!! We are blessed to have her in our lives.

    • Vanilla is going to be a sweetheart for sure! ❤ ❤
      The human is convinced that the only way there will be more love in the world is to create and share more love! You are all part of this!

  3. Miss V looks like she has great depth (we know she has a huge heart) to her….can’t wait to see her come forth totally. You’ve done another splendid piece of carving. Thank you for sharing this lovely creation with us.

    • Thank you very much – it is after much encouragement, excellent teachers and a lot of good luck…I am very pleased and Miss V is very happy to have been discovered in the wood!

    • I was quite pleased! I had heard of this phenomena in doll-carving, but had never found even a tiny heart myself! She is going to be a little love! It would be true about the cramped cupboard if the Hittys hadn’t expanded into all corners of the house!

  4. I agree with fellow hitty fans …that heart is amazing…she will be a very special, in a very special household, with other very special Hitty’s. Vanilla is a sweet name but Valentina goes with her big beautiful heart for Valentines Day????

    • That is exactly what I was thinking about her possible names…It is such fun to find new personalities in my carvings – and she has such a big heart – I think this little girl will be happy, whatever name she ends up with.

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