February Love

Love letter

Gilly wrote a little letter to a boy she likes…







…but the little sailor in the cupboard doesn’t recall meeting anyone likely to have sent her a secret valentine!




The incredibly tiny “Sailor’s Valentine” was actually made by our friend the Dollhouse lady, but we are going to let Gráinne keep dreaming about chivalrous, handsome and rich pirate lads!




…it is a good time of year to tell someone they are loved!




8 thoughts on “February Love

  1. Oh, what beautiful valentine photos…no one does it like you do…and that wee valentine made by dollhouse lady is precious with those tiny little shells, so clever. Yes, for some reason we humans hesitate to say “Love You”
    Love to each and every one of the Hitty family…and Happy heart day to you all.

    • Happy heart day to you!!! We find so much love and kindness in our Hitty household – the little wooden people seem to engender friendships and generosity, it is a good incentive to keep finding fun and delight! Much love to you and yours today and always!

  2. Thank you to Mary Anne for her sweet greetings and to you, QH Household Mistress for your never ending, can’t find the bottom of the basket stories that you bring us so often. I LOVE the Quimper Hitty blogspot and highly appreciate and admire the lady behind the scenes who sends us greetings each time she puts fingers to the keys and presses the camera button.

    • We were totally amazed with the “Sailor’s Valentine” I wonder if Dollhouse lady had the help of some nimble-fingered, sharp-eyed little wooden person to get all those minuscule shells positioned so perfectly! Gilly sends you kisses!

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