Flowers of February


A heartening shaft of sunlight illuminated the garden, and the girls ran out…






Mini Daffodils

…Gilly and Vanilla ❤ the little narcissus…




…and this early Rhododendron is someone’s favourite colour…



Pink Bonnet

…just right for a Gilly bonnet!

We love spring sunshine, garden flowers, and affectionate sisters!




8 thoughts on “Flowers of February

  1. and….some sunlight! What a splendid and refreshing jaunt that must have been for Vanilla and Gilly….and then treated at the end with that beautiful adornment on Gilly’s sweet head! Ah, what a heartening tale you’ve sent us today. Thank you!

  2. What wonderful photos…I just want to frame the last one, blow it up, and hang it in my living room. Would make me smile the rest of my days…Could Gilly and Vanilla look any sweeter? The flowers look beautiful…I never take them for granted, especially when we are without them for the seemingless endless winter months.

    • It never gets too cold here, and rarely snows, but the everlastingly grey skies and pouring rain can wear on the most optimistic Hitty and human…we are overjoyed by the reappearance of our garden flowers. We think it would be hard for Gilly to get much cuter than when she wears a pink flower bonnet!

  3. How delightful! Gilly is always such a joy. And Vanilla is a perfect companion for her. Love the flowers, snowing here today so visiting your gardens is a nice respite.

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