Lost in a Good Book

Quiet space

The Hittys use various ways to deal with distressing news “outside the cupboard”…




A Good Book

…Viola is re-reading a favourite book…




…sinking into the comforting and familiar words…




…how wonderful to live in another place and time for a while.




13 thoughts on “Lost in a Good Book

  1. Just viewing Viola is peaceful and beautiful. She has a calming presence…Her origin tree must have been a true gentle giant.

    • Viola is a peaceful and beautiful personality, I agree her original tree must have imbued her with gentleness and grace…and her carvers made it visible…I am lucky to have her in the Hitty cupboard.

  2. Hahaha! Your Hittys read Pride and Prejudice and mine just ordered Peter Rabbit and Two Bad Mice. What have I done wrong?!

  3. Lovely way to center oneself . A peaceful retreat from the “real” world is quite welcome. The Country Hittys have been taking walks in the fields and also reading quite a bit. Today I have promised to sew for them.

    • What fun to go on walks in the fields, I bet they enjoyed looking for signs of spring, and listening to the birds…I am sure they are happy with your sewing projects, Hittys are so appreciative!

  4. Beautiful photography creating the tranquil peace and contentment we all need, and so benefit from, form you – thank you.

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