April Garden

Red twigs

Arianell wandered through the rejuvenated front garden…



red leaves

…she found colours galore!




So many sweet blossoms, some short…




…and some tall!




We enjoyed the beautiful grey showery April morning in the garden…




…but then of course we had to deal with the mud!




6 thoughts on “April Garden

  1. How fun!? to complete Arianell’s adventure in the rejuvenated yard by mopping up the clues of where she’d been. Such sweetness adorns the QHs’ adventures.

    • Arianell is glad that she has her sturdy boots, since damp mornings and gardens often lead to mud! Jane requests that I install a boot-scraper outside the kitchen door…

  2. Ariianell is lovely in plaid. She had quite an adventure in the yard…and the muddy foot prints were just icing on the cake! Too cute! Congratulations on the rejuvenated front garden!!

  3. Arianell’s walk in her garden was lovely. Spring is here and the flowers are like hugs from mother nature. The muddy footprints were a riot. Loved this story.

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