Tipsy’s clothes


To finish Tipsy’s joints I will need to acquire the means to drill bigger sockets, so she is temporarily strung together with elastics.




She is delighted to be assembled, intact and ready to play…




…but rejected the offered dresses and requested some practical play-clothes.



Jeans and Shirt

 That’s better!



13 thoughts on “Tipsy’s clothes

  1. I love this playful girl already! She has a lot of fun in her future, and will likely involve all the dolls in it.

  2. That sweater is great!!! Tipsy is going to do very well with the Quimper cupboard girls…I can see her with the cat twins out adventuring ….great job as usual Quimper Human!!!

  3. We all are already in love with Tipsy.
    That sweater is the most adorable sweater ever!!!!!
    Is that a walrus? The twins will love Tipsy….I can just see the three of them…Tipsy in her sweater and the twins all cuddled up in their walrus blankets.

    • It is a walrus! I never in my life dreamed there was such a thing as a baby sock with a walrus on it, nor that I would spot one lying on the sidewalk…but Tipsy is thrilled!

  4. Tipsy is utterly enchanting- I am so happy to learn the story of her fabulous Walrus sweater (and I love her jeans, too). I have missed seeing some Quimper Hitty posts, so I have scrolled through to make sure that I have seen them all, and am delighted to catch up on the ‘missing links;. The Quimper Hittys are the source of so much joy! Thank you!

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