Tiny Penny


A friend gave me these little wooden people last year, and they have been languishing in my carving bag ever since…




This week I picked the largest one to do an experiment on…I carved down the top of her head, filled her eye sockets with wood putty, and gave her a paint job to resemble a penny wooden doll…




…and I think she likes her new look!




14 thoughts on “Tiny Penny

  1. She really does look like Penny. She looks like she found a big sister and is very pleased and content. Love how you carved and painted her.

    • I carved a little off the top of her head – the rest is the same shape as she came to me. I think it is the paint job that makes her look like a penny wooden…in any case, we think she is a dear little dolly now.

  2. My goodness, what treasures! Penny’s ‘makeover’ is a delight! Her family is quite delightful and I was charmed by the little face on the far left that is peeking out from under a pile of fabrics đŸ™‚ I’d love to know the history of Penny’s family- if they were carved by the same person and where and when…..

    • The little family was given to me last year, I believe they came as a set from Ebayland…but I know no more than that, not when nor from where. The little face belongs to a hedgehog that I made from epoxy putty – the leftovers from another bit of dolly rescuing!

  3. what a charming lot of little wooden dolls….your transformation of the larger one is spot on. She looks just like one of the antiques

  4. Love your little wooden dolls. You do wonderful things with dolls! And you write wonderful short stories.

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