Garden Trowel


Perdita found a parcel with her name on it in the mailbox…




…and found a tiny perfect Hitty-sized silver garden trowel!




It arrived just in time because the Nasturtiums and Snapdragons in the stump were getting very crowded!




Perdita dug up some seedlings…




…wheeled them away…




…to the potting bench in the shed.




The trowel is so handy – how did she ever manage before ?




The seedlings can be moved elsewhere when they get a bit bigger!!


Thanks so much to Dawn Gill Designs for the perfect little trowel, which is just the right size for Hitty, and has a custom lanyard loop added so Perdita won’t lose it – in fact she says she is never going to take it off!

Click here for a link to Dawn Gill Designs!

21 thoughts on “Garden Trowel

  1. oh! that’s so kind, and such a lovely set of photos. thank you. (have to say the box stood up to the journey rather better than the Post Office’s franking label!)
    May I share the post on my social media?
    I fully understand if you would rather I didn’t. Thanks again for your order, it was a joy.

    • We absolutely love the trowel! Thanks so much for your lovely handwork and the “extras”. Perdita is very happy with it, and really appreciates the pretty little lanyard!

  2. Perfect Hitty size indeed! I expect Perdita will be quite the busy bee in the garden. Beautiful little trowel and a job well done. Hopefully there will be no more frost and, dare I say…snow!

    • It would be extremely rare to get frost or snow in May here on the coast of BC…Perdita will be busy – planting, weeding, watering…she is so glad to be getting some excellent tools together in her little potting shed. She knows a good quality piece of equipment when she sees it!

  3. The right tools are so very helpful to get the job done. Perdita’s trowel is a lovely piece of work and it’s help is a win-win for all involved. What a nurturing narrative this is.

  4. What a thoughtful gift for Perdita. She has a green thumb and seeing her at work gives me the incentive to do some gardening also. Her garden apron is perfect with the front pockets.

    • A friend gave us the apron – the pockets are just exactly the right size and located right where they need to be! I hope you have a restorative visit to your garden, Perdita will send you kind, encouraging green thoughts!

  5. Thank you Perdita! I have wondered what the hole in the top of my trowels is for, and assumed i was to hang each one on a nail, which I don’t do (I have pockets instead) But now I realise that you, Perdita, have saved my future from needing so many trowels! I keep leaving them – hidden – where I’ve been working (or in the bucket of weeded matter to be tipped into the compost, where they turn up again only when I empty the compost to add it to earth…) From now on, I will wear my trowel around my neck, just like you! Thank you for your mentorship.

    • Oh that would be disconcerting to have trowels appear in the compost. I also set them down to pull at a weed or something, and get distracted and wander off…I may take a leaf from Perdita’s book too!

  6. I love Dawn’s work – and her blog where she explains all the effort and skill that goes into each piece. If I had that little trowel I’d be wearing it around my neck too.

  7. My little gardeners love that sweet trowel. They are all in favor of Perdita wearing it always….loved the seedling saga…
    Perdita is a hard working Hitty …

    • She works hard indeed, but as you know, the right tools make things so much easier! Perdita enjoyed transplanting the little seedlings – it is so satisfying to see them happy in their temporary pots!

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