Holiday Monday Morning


Although some things are different on this May holiday morning, other things are the same…Tansy is keeping herself informed…




…Perdita is pottering around in the potting shed…




…Vanilla and Arianell are ready to work on the renovation project…




…and Tipsy wants to start having fun.





11 thoughts on “Holiday Monday Morning

    • Canadians celebrate Victoria Day on the third Monday in May…and we live in Victoria – alas, no parades or fireworks today though…we had a day of home-made fun instead!

      • Oh! thank you…I saw it later on the calendar here but did not realize it off the top of my head. I’m glad you had some home-made fun.

  1. I’m with Tipsy…fun is wanted and is needed right now…I believe Tipsy and the twins are kindred spirits.

  2. Happy Victoria Day! beginning-of-summer Queen Victoria’s Birthday, usually a day for parades and fireworks and celebration (only in Canada and Scotland), moving on from Spring. When all your planting gets done… renovations, adventure…

  3. ahh yes a holiday morning! I believe that Tipsy has the right idea…..but it is wise to disturb the little walrus twins??!!
    Happy Holiday to you and the Quimper household.

    • Thanks! The humans did have a nice time today – weeding and helping our raspberry patch to breathe a little easier! The morning glory and couch grass was running riot in there! The Hittys kept themselves entertained and are all sleeping at last after a happy day of holidaying!

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