May and June Provençal Quilt Blocks


Our one-block-a-month quilt is coming along, and now that it is June, Constance and I can move on to Quilt Square #6.  We made a little masking card with a one-quilt-square window in it so we can see the pattern shapes without being distracted by the other bits of the design…




fabrics and cutting tools

…then dug out our Provençal fabrics and cutting implements…




Somehow we ended up making two June Quilt blocks.  I thought that I had cut the triangles too small, and ended up cutting a whole second set…but the new ones turned out to be the same size as the first ones…Next month I think I will have a cup of tea first if we decide to cut and sew before 6 am.



June 1

So here is June #1…




June 2

…and here is June #2! They are a little chaotic, but they fit in nicely with the overall design…



May Block

The one we made in May is much less jumbled!



So Far

All the blocks so far!



13 thoughts on “May and June Provençal Quilt Blocks

  1. It’s going to be a beautiful quilt as the fabrics are so richly colored and varied. I may need to know what type of tea can be so helpful before 6 am. I could use some today.

    • Thank you! The original pattern is called “Shades of Grey” but that sounded a bit too monochromatic to us, we did not want to end up with a dreary grey quilt, and are much happier with “South of France” colours!

    • Our only problem is scaling up fro our usual Hitty-sized quilt! The good thing about this human quilt is that we are only puzzling our one block at a time, so it isn’t too bad!

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