Little Friday Bouquets

Sweet William

Perdita picked some Sweet Williams…



Lady’s Mantle

…Gilly went for the Lady’s Mantle…




…and Tuesday picked some Catnip.



Friday Bouquets

Friday Bouquets for anyone who wants one!

15 thoughts on “Little Friday Bouquets

  1. Thank you for all the Friday bouquets! They bring sun and smiles in our Hitty lives…and in the humans’ grey and rainy day..

    • We love the Friday bouquet idea – we’ve been doing this for ourselves (and our lovely blog followers) for years, but this Friday we suddenly wanted to point the happiness outward!

  2. Those Hittys are so thoughtful. How wonderful to have flowers for others who need a little happiness. I especially enjoy viewing their adorable hats.

    • Their yellow hats reflect their sunny hopeful thoughts and that encouraging flowers will cause hopeful thoughts in the people that take the bouquets…in fact at the end of the day there was an empty tray, and a card saying thank you – you made my day, that made Our day!

  3. Beautiful bouquets and beautiful dolls and beautiful hats and beautiful thoughts have come our way through your beautiful blog. Thank you.

  4. How generous of the Quimper Hittys and their human. Lovely photos of lovely flowers and good hearted wooden girls. thank you for the smiles.

  5. Everything lovely and has a beautiful effect…….My hittys love that brown dress…..Do you know where I could get a piece of that fabric? thank you

    • Thank you very much. Tuesday’s pretty brown dress was a gift from a generous Hitty friend, so I don’t know where more of the fabric could be found, but good luck in your search.

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