Cool July Walk


A damp cool day in July didn’t deter Arianell and Vanilla from exploring a new beach at Cormorant Point…




…they put on their raincoats, and climbed right up to the rocks.




The view was nice but it was chilly, and their bottoms got damp…




…the wormy driftwood was also chilly and damp…




…and the twisted driftwood was damp and chilly.




The girls went home and warmed up with some ginger cake and hot chocolate!





10 thoughts on “Cool July Walk

  1. I’m so glad that you (Mistress QH) and the girls got out for a walk, although dampish. And then, dear Jane bringing warmth to your bodies with those sweet treats. The QH household, in my thinking, is a place of refuge. There are always delightful activities and thoughtfulness traversing your halls.

    • It is good to get out, and there were only three other people at this beach, so it was lovely near-solitude. We are so lucky to live here, and you are more than welcome to share our little corner of peace.

  2. I agree with Becky…The QH is a place of refuge. It takes us on beautiful mental vacations. I particularly always enjoy each and every sojourn with the girls along the coast.

  3. How lovely to see damp and cool weather!! Here the Hitty family would probably go up in smoke if left out in the sun!! Your girls are so adorable in their rain gear. Lovely!!!

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