Quimper Friday Bouquets

Quimper Bouquet

Constance and I picked flowers – mine went into the big Quimper jug, and  hers into the little one.






10 thoughts on “Quimper Friday Bouquets

  1. Two lovely bouquets that bring smiles on this very foggy Friday! A ray of sunshine in the gloom. Thank you for sharing this beauty.

    • You are welcome! We love to share our flowers, whether big or small! In fact that ray of sunshine sent me and Constance running for the snips and out into the garden…It looked like a photo that wanted to be taken!

  2. Friday bouquets come up so quickly! You’ve shared such pretty ones today (as always). I really do appreciate the start to the weekend with them. I’m waiting for our zinnias to bloom in order to have some of our own Friday bouquets.

    • Fridays do keep coming around! Friday bouquets are a very important and sustaining tradition in our cupboard….we would be very glad for it to spread! And we love zinnias, they are so cheerful!

  3. very charming…how great to have the mini jug to match the big jug. And the flowers are so pretty. Love your Friday bouquets!

    • We were very surprised and pleased to be given the wee Quimper jug by a Hitty friend! Thanks for your very kind words about our Friday bouquets – we find them very heartening!

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