Comox Valley Hittys Berry Adventure 3


The bucket of berries was very full.




Lavender got covered in berries!




Linnea helped her out.



And ate a few berries.




They got their full collection of the forest and the humans carried the berries home.



The end.  This is the last instalment about the Comox Valley berry adventure!




10 thoughts on “Comox Valley Hittys Berry Adventure 3

  1. “full collection of the forest”; what an interesting phrase. Little Miss Storyteller has created a simple, yet thorough (and thoroughly enjoyable) tale of berry picking in Comox Valley. I definitely feel like I did more than ride along in the basket to view the happenings. Thank you for sharing this sweet little tale.

    • We love to hear what our Hitty sisters are doing in the Comox Valley – especially since we haven’t been able to visit in so long! I felt like I was along on the adventure too!

  2. Youngest member of the family, you have inherited the story telling gene. It fills my heart to know that another generation will continue with the Hitty legacy. I love all your stories and your wonderful imagination. I hope you send us more in the future.

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