Hearts in the garden


Vanilla and Tipsy put on new summer dresses to inspect the new garden bed in the back yard…




…the deer have been feasting on many front garden plants, so the humans (with the help of Tansy) dug a new garden bed in the safely fenced back garden.



Bleeding Heart

The Bleeding Heart flowers were bitten off by deer every time they appeared. We hope in the back garden they, and the other transplanted plants will get a chance to put down roots, and flower abundantly next year.




It was very disheartening to see the Echinacea plant munched right down to a couple of stalks!



Cone Flower

Luckily the deer missed this one!




Two of these plants were eaten down to nubbins, but this one looks like it will flower in the protected back garden!




They like this little Dianthus plant – the flowers are nice and low…




…the girls have plans for next year – maybe Perdita will help them plant a Hitty-level flower garden in a corner of the new bed!!



Thanks to a lovely Hitty friend for Tipsy’s  sweet summer hearts dress, and matching pinafore (here worn by Vanilla)! This has been a week of delightful summer dresses – thank you Hitty friends

12 thoughts on “Hearts in the garden

  1. Such a shame that the deer have ravished so many of your plants. We have that problem here also. In fact, my nephew just sent us a photo of 5 bucks feasting on young trees on their property. The fence you put up will work but it’s hard to fence in everything.
    Your ability with bringing happiness to something difficult is such a great way to see life. The bleeding hearts, the word disheartening and the girl’s heart and butterfly dresses. So, touching.

  2. Yes…what a pity the deer helped themselves to your smorgasborg! It seems to be a habit they have developed in many areas of our continent. We found out they do not like rustic rose bushes…that’s what our “fence” is made of 🤣 in 14 years, they haven’t touched it. In any case, your back garden will keep the girls busy picking Friday bouquets next year! Love the Summer dresses!

    • We will certainly pick Friday bouquets from our garden! We had a protective rose too, but we were never able to teach it to be less enthusiastic about repelling humans and more about the deer…

  3. Congratulations on all the gardening work you have been doing; I hope the deer will respect your fence and your plants can thrive. The hearts print dress and pinafore of hearts are absolutely delightful and so cheerful!

  4. The girls are so sweet in their new frocks/apron. What a kind friend(s) you have.

    I’m sorry to hear about the deer munching. We have some of the same issues here where there is plenty to eat, why do they pick the pretty things? One of our daughters made a wattle fence to protect the sunflowers from the rabbits and ! it’s worked!

    Thanks for the continual cheer from up your way. It IS a blessing.

  5. Oh what a wonderful garden to look forward to next year! A lot of hard work to create that space! The girls look so bright and cheerful…that heart print is really sweet! The Country Hittys love pinafores and are very admiring.

    • The garden is satisfying – and surely will be more so in seasons to come! Bulbs to go in this fall, for instance – the deer do not eat Narcissus – hooray! We love the pinafore – so sweet and fits perfectly over the pretty butterfly dress! Both girls are happy!

  6. oh those persistent dear! In my experience they can get under, over or through any fence and they are fussy eaters, only snacking on the prettiest,treasured plants. Never helping with the weeding.

    • So far (knock wood) they have stayed outside the backyard fence, as long as we and our neighbours are careful to lock our gates! You made me laugh – if only the deer helped with weeding!

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